A armada invencível…

Recebi hoje esta carta do meu amigo Procopis Papastratis, um dos mais brilhantes historiadores gregos, já jubilado. Não tenho palavras. Partilho-a a seu pedido:

Dear friends,
We are sending a few “details” on what is happening in the Aegean Sea these last days.
On February 18, 2,252 refugees reached the Greek islands from the Turkish coast.
On February 17, 1.361 did the same,
While on February 16, 1,1145 succeeded to pass across.
A Greek fishing boat saved 68 persons on a boat yesterday.
No casualties were reported these 3 days.
The NATO armada gathered in the Aegean already numbers 27 war ships.
What law the German admiral commanding this fleet will be ordered to enforce?
Tonight the Prime Ministers of the EU are discussing this matter as they are confronted with a place of excellent cheeses accompanied with a glass (or two!) of exquisitive wine….
Procopis Papastratis


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