Workers of the World

 Workers of the World has reach 12 200 a month! n.º 4 is available online since the beginning of January. Have a look at our site ( and download it for free. Workers of the World n.º 4 contains articles by Gary Blank, The Centrality of Social Relations: E.P. Thomson’s Concept of Class and the Renewal of Historical Materialism, Adrián Sotelo, Latin America: Dependency and Super-exploitation, Ronaldo Munck, Globalization, trade unions and labour migration: old dilemmas, new opportunities, Roberto Ceamanos, Working-class historiography in France, Italy and Spain: a comparative study (1939/1945-1982), Sjaak van der Velden, Was there a ‘Great labour unrest’ in the Netherlands?, Lourenzo Fernandez, Dionísio Pereira, Andrés Domínguez, The Francoist persecution and repression of Galicians of Portuguese origin in Galicia (1936-1940) a transnational historical approach, Marcos Schiavi, Politics in the Peronist unions (1946-1955) and François Guinchard, The birth of an international anarcho-syndicalist current.

Enjoy – and help to circulate.


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